Laura Macurak. Logo Design. Brand Visioning. Illustration.


Laura Macurak

I’m Laura Macurak,

...and my story is one of creativity and self-discovery. Pretty sure it all started with marker colored paper dolls, tiny hand-drawn magazines, and dresses stitched from 1960s sewing patterns.

I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember. It’s in my blood.

These days I'm drawn to organic illustrations, art journals filled with paper cutouts and logo design. I speak in lines and shapes. I revel in clean design and messy art. And on any given day I have about a dozen craft/DIY projects in the works.

Many many years ago I fell in love with graphic design, and for over a decade I lived and breathed it. Then one day I walked away – finally able to see how uninspired and unfulfilled I had been for so long. Projects with no meaning, no stories, no strategy. I was infatuated with the idea of design, but I was never emotionally connected to the work that was in front of me. So I gave up. It wasn’t just the job, I had let my passion for making things fall to the wayside. I had lost touch with my creative spirit, and with that disconnect, I had actually lost a part of myself. It took me years to realize that I needed the process of creating in my life. It's where I pull my energy from. And without that energy I wasn't whole – I wasn't "me".

Design eventually did pull me back. Specifically logo and brand identity. It's kind of my thing now. I help other creatives on their own journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. Through the design process we work together to 1) uncover their own blend of uniqueness, 2) craft a standout visual identity and 3) bring their brand vision to life.


I believe in creative magic.

I believe in the power of inspiration and the importance of curiosity.

I also believe in details, in do it yourself, in mismatched, and in mother earth.

I think perfect is boring and that our scars add character. I trust that different is always better. I follow my instincts.

illustration by Laura Macurak


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[Oh, and it's pronounced ma-chur-ak.]