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What Is A Brand?

What Is A Brand? by Laura Macurak

Your brand is NOT your logo. 

It’s more than simply a selection of fonts and a color palette. Your brand is a much larger and much less concrete entity. It’s a combination of your story, your values, your personality and all of your visual elements – so basically all the sides that you present to the world. Each of these individual facets work together to send a message about your business.

Your brand is how you are perceived. It’s how the world sees you. It’s what people believe about your business. Every detail counts. Every touchpoint matters. From customer interactions to online content – it’s all building on this multi-dimensional and ever-changing brand experience.

What Is A Brand? by Laura Macurak

Your brand is a feeling. 

And honestly, it can feel different to different people. When you’ve reached the right people though – your people – they're connecting with your brand on an emotional level. And that’s real the goal here – to make that emotional connection, draw in your ideal customer, create a positive brand experience and establish trust.

In summary – your brand is an ever-changing mix of all the elements of your business that you present to the world. Your brand is what your audience believes about you. Your brand is how you make people feel.

So how is your brand being perceived? What feelings does it evoke in your audience?

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